Good bye Posterous, Hello Tumblr (for now)

With the recent acquisition of Posterous by Twitter, and the announcement that the Posterous product will end some time in the near future, I decided it was time to migrate to a new blogging platform.  After playing Wordpress, Blogger, and Tumblr at previous times, and then rolling my own solution based on Sinatra for a while, I had gotten comfortable with a micro-blogging platform managing my personal code portfolio.  Posterous met that need perfectly, and I felt great supporting a local company, and one that I almost took a job with.

Tumblr is very similar in a lot of ways, but has much better community support, so I decided to launch with my new domain and start migrating away from the old one.  Hopefully this will meet all my needs for the immediate future, and if not, I hope it’s be easier to migrate my data away from Tumblr than it was to import it…

I can’t forget to say “great job to everyone at Posterous!”